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The LBO Club is a forum exclusively dedicated to managers and owners involved in a leveraged buyout.

Our Mission

Exchange and promotion of best practice

The Club draws its strength from the individualities and backgrounds of its members. Each leader brings to the Club his or her own experience and history. The variety of situations encountered within the Club thus contributes to the collective intelligence.

Conferences, Workshops, Networking

Throughout the year, on a quarterly basis, we organise themed events addressing unique issues specific to LBO executives.


The Club represents executives under LBO. It acts both within the ecosystem and with bodies outside the LBO world (employers’ organisations, political and regulatory bodies).

Our Values


The Club operates impartially and solely for the benefit of its members.


The Club is free from external influence and acts in the interests of all its members.


The Club operates and communicates transparently about its actions and objectives.


Exchanges between Club members are subject to strict confidentiality.


We contribute to creating a diverse network where the different varieties of situations existing between members are valued.

Who are we?

Ronan Lebraut

Ronan was a business owner for 20 years, of which 15 years under LBO. He was one of the youngest CEOs under LBO in midcap in France at the age of 30. He completed 3 LBOs (IK, 3i / Five Arrows, ICG), followed by an industrial exit (US company listed on the NYSE).

Rajaa Mekouar

An investor and entrepreneur for over 20 years, Rajaa now invests alongside private equity funds and family offices.

Alexis Legrix de la Salle

Manager under LBO for almost 20 years, Alexis was for the last 10 years CFO of an industrial group where he completed 2 LBOs and an industrial exit.

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